Large Red Twist Handle Bag

Cooks Academy

Cooks Academy is Dublin's school of food and wine. They wanted a simple bag with their details down the gusset. Their branding is very clean and they use a vibrant red to make their logo distinctive. They were able to use, just one colour to keep the cost lower. A large bag, with a size of 310x120x410 and 120gsm paper weight was printed for the school.

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Bag Specification

Twisted Handle

These bags are the most popular paper carrier bags in the market. Useful for all types of business from boutiques to bookshops and stronger than you might think.


We print these in both offset printing, where the quality of the print is paramount, and flexographic printing where cost is more important.


Available in many standard sizes with different handle colours. The most popular sizes are

  • 180x90x220
  • 255x125x310
  • 310x120x250
  • 310x120x410
  • 410x120x320

Custom sizes are also available if you need something specific.

Minimum Order

The minimum order for our twisted handle bags is 2000.

Lead Times

Lead times from 4 weeks apply, depending on the chosen spec.

Paper Options

We offer a number of paper options. You can choose from white or brown kraft paper with weights between 80g to 120g. We also have a wet strength paper, clay coated gloss paper and turn over top if these options are more suited to your needs. .
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