About Us

packaging supplier Ireland

Customer Focus

We build strong relationships with our customers to support their business. When they succeed, so do we.

Best Value

We are constantly seeking new avenues to explore in our relentless pursuit for the best value for our customers.

Excellence in People

Core to our personal credibility is treating people with respect. We encourage and support our people to achieve their full potential.

Environmental Impact

We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact across all our business operations and through services we deliver to our customers. 

Ethical Sourcing

We ensure our materials have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.  


Building a high-trust work environment that nurtures teamwork and encourages learning.



What sets us apart - creativity, attention to detail  and expertise. Our team of in-house graphic designers have all the skills necessary to transform your vision into a reality.  


With over 40 years of experience in packaging industry we know what works and how to deliver it. We have built an impressive team of consultants with an in-depth knowledge and an unmatched expertise. 

Project Management

We work closely with our customers from initial brand conception through to the final product.  We continually evaluate requirements and timetable, to keep the project on schedule. 

Packaging Solutions

We have a wide selection of packaging materials. Our ranges vary over bags, boxes, tissue and mailing bags. Get a customized solution to your packaging challenges


To assist our customers we can customise your delivery to meet your needs.

Customer Service

Our customers are our main priority. Our team are always there to help you through the process and solve any problems you may experience.