Colour of 2016 has been revealed!

colour of 2016 roze quartz pink and serenity blue

Colour Institute Pantone has chosen two colours for 2016 – rose quartz and serenity. A perfect match, we think! Pink has always been a trendy colour and we have definitely seen an increase in people looking for pink paper bags. Boutiques and clothing retailers are especially fond of pink packaging. Even if your branding does not include pink colour, there are ways to add pink and stay trendy!

Pink Paper Bags

Pink Paper Bags with Handles

If branding on packaging is not essential, ordering few boxes of pink paper carriers is the easiest way to add pink. For a low cost, choose pink paper bags with a twist or flat handle, or add a touch of luxury and go for pink rope handle carrier bags.

Dress up your products

Polka dot paper bag pink tissue

Customers love attention to detail. Wrap your products in a matching colour tissue paper - an inexpensive way to make your customers feel special. This way you can add pink even If your packaging is different colour.  Also, if you post many items, pink mailing bags will certainly make a lasting impression.

Special Occassions

luxury pink paper bags

If you have contests, giveaways or events for your customers, pink is an ideal colour for paper gift bags. Using different packaging (even if it is just a different colour) for special occasions will make them stand out and help you get your customers’ attention.

Revamp your packaging

custom printed pink paper bags

Many businesses have been using same type of packaging for many years, even designs and colour schemes have been untouched. While logo is crucial to brand recognition and you should make only few changes to your logo, packaging revamp is essential. Show your customers that your business is evolving and keeping up with the latest trends.

Spring is a perfect time for a change

If you need some inspiration, have a look at our collection of pink custom printed packaging.


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