We Solve your Packaging Supply Chain Problems

Shops running out of stock in busy periods

Bulk deliveries blocking up the stock room

Inconsistent branding and colours across your packaging

Packaging not meeting standards and regulations

Issues with low quality packaging

On-demand Warehousing

We can store your packaging in our warehouse and deliver it to you when you need it.


Our online inventory management system helps us monitor your packaging inventory in multiple locations.

Just-in-time (JIT)

Save time, money and your storage space. With our just in time delivery you will never run out of your packaging.

Packaging Supply Chain Management 

Our efficient supply chain network across the globe allows us to provide a one-point contact for all your packaging needs.

Quality Assurance & Control

We ensure that strict quality checks are performed at every stage of the production.


We can produce packaging that is compliant to your specific regulations.

Improved packaging supply chain

Our client, with 80 stores nationwide, required a frequent redesign of their packaging. Their current supplier couldn’t produce the specific colour and quality of the bag. Our solution involved high quality, twist handle, offset printed paper bags. This allowed new designs to be produced within a few weeks. Multi-branch service and on-demand warehousing ensures that all stores always have enough paper bags.

Streamlined logistics & Reduced costs

One of the leading tourist attractions in Ireland had limited storage space for all their packaging. Our efficient supply chain network allowed us to get the best price from our Far East partners. Buying in bulk resulted in cheaper cost per unit and our on-demand warehousing offered an everyday dispatch during their busy season.   

Optimised resources & meeting deadline demands

A leading beauty & fashion influencer was launching a new product for the Christmas season. Their current supplier produced faulty packaging that was the wrong size. With the deadline coming to a close, we produced a range of boxes that were perfect and were delivered in time for the launch.

Reduced environmental impact & carbon footprint

A multinational food retailer required a new packaging solution due to the Plastic Bag Levy in 2002. We were able to produce the perfect bag that was compliant to their global branding and met their industry standards. We also developed the ideal supply-chain strategy, which involved: storage, multi branch inventory and logistics. We have delivered this solution to over 300 outlets for more than 10 years.

Optimised quality assurance

A multinational pharmaceutical company were looking for packaging that met their corporate branding guidelines. Our team was able to deliver high quality packaging and also ensured that quality control checks were performed during the production.

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