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Durable and impressive packaging with excellent logistics solutions from number one packaging wholesaler in Ireland

We don’t provide just paper bags. We provide the full package.
We help our food and takeaway business owners to develop a custom packaging solution that best suits their needs. Many of our food and takeaway clients have muliple outlets so we look after each store’s paper bag stock and manage reorders and on-time delivery so they never run out of bags. That is one less headache for busy owners.

What we offer:

Experience and knowledge - we take into consideration the type of product you sell, it’s weight, length and shape, whether it is cold or hot food item, or needs to stand under hot lights. We will recommend the best paper bag for the way you deliver your food.

Stock Management - whether you have one retail outlet or many, we will ensure you never run out of paper bags!

Easy Reorders - a quick phone call or an email and we can reorder your paper bags in just a couple of minutes.

Storage Solutions - don’t have storage space for all the bags? No problem, we can store your paper bags in our warehouse and deliver your paper bags whenever you need them (Storage terms and conditions apply).

Recommended packaging for take away and food businesses

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25 Item(s)